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Shi Senbin

• Founder of China Architecture Art Glass

• Master of Chinese Glass Art

• Shanghai Arts and Crafts Master

• Curator of Shanghai Kangyu Glass Technology Art Museum

• Visiting Professor of Shanghai Vocational College of Arts and Crafts


Artistic concept

"Let art support the height of glass and transform glass into public art."



Shi Senbin: From 1975 to 1978, Shi Senbin studied at the Shanghai Arts and Crafts School, majoring in arts and crafts. He was one of the first batch of students to receive professional arts and crafts education in China. Entering the field of arts and crafts early in life and receiving orthodox and professional training are the foundation and origin of his life's artistic career.

Unremitting breakthroughs and pursuit of the ultimate run through Shi Senbin's creative career, and all of his works of art embody the essence of "originality" and "first". In his mind, “Chinese originality” is what he believes is the greatest affirmation of his own work. As a famous master of Chinese arts and crafts, the driving force and significance of many achievements is to let Chinese handmade art go to the world and leave a mark in the history of contemporary world handmade art. The mark of the Chinese.


Representative work

Interior art glass

2006 Cast glass decoration project of Shanghai Xijiao International Conference Center

In 2008, the interior cast glass decoration of Shanghai World Financial Center Building

In 2008, the treasure of the town palace of Wuxi Lingshan Sanskrit Palace-the giant cast glass painting "Hua Zang World" (80 square meters)

2015 Shanghai Tower, the world's first long scroll of cast glass art bamboo slips "Landscape in the Heart" (132 meters)


Outdoor art glass

2012 The exterior glass curtain wall of the new building of the British Museum in London

2015 Nanjing Baoen Temple Baoen New Pagoda Tower Wing Art Glass

2014 Harbin Concert Hall "Echo Wall" exterior glass curtain wall


Liuli Art Sculpture

In 2014, Shandong Yanzhou Xinglong Cultural Park, the world's largest cast glass back-lit art Buddhist altar (23 meters)

2015 Shanghai Tower 126-floor jade glass sculpture "Shanghai Eyes" (7.9 meters)

2015 Nanjing Baoen Temple Baoen New Pagoda Digong Ashoka Tower Glass Base

2015 Nine-story Jade Glass Vairocana Buddha Statue in the New Pagoda of Baoen Temple in Nanjing (2.5 meters)



Shi Jun

• Enamel artist

• Senior Arts and Crafts Artist

• China's first enamel professional co-founder


Artistic concept

"Space enamel art is more like a brand new branch of enamel independent of the traditional cloisonné range, requiring interdisciplinary research and experimentation."



Shi Jun: Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London. Born in Shanghai in 1986, he studied at the Shanghai Arts and Crafts School and the Central Saint Martins College of Art in the UK, majoring in design research. Under the education of his father, arts and crafts artist Shi Senbin, Shi Jun began to get in touch with traditional Chinese handicrafts at a young age, and after graduation he began to try to combine traditional Chinese enamel crafts with contemporary art.

After graduating from St. Martin's College, University of the Arts, London, in 2009, he founded the modern enamel art and interior decoration brand-"Handed down enamel", and made every effort to create innovative enamel art and cultural products.


Representative work

1. "Queen's Throne": The royal seat is dominated by royal blue, and the main structure is inlaid with Chinese jade, which combines Eastern and Western cultures with enamel. The "Queen's Throne" was permanently collected by Buckingham Palace as a gift.

2. The enamel ground "Reincarnation": In 2015, Shi Jun and Ma Weidu jointly created the enamel art ground work "Reincarnation". The art ground is exhibited in the Guanfu Museum on the 37th floor of the Shanghai Tower, with a total area of 480 square meters.

3. The enamel artwork "Shan Hai Jing" series and the "All Things Are Spiritual" series convey the concept of "human beings have awe of nature from ancient times to the present" through the series of enamel artworks.

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