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Shanghai Kangyuan and Shanghai Kangyu are a comprehensive architectural art decoration enterprise. After 24 years of development, they have formed five major business system development platforms-architectural copper decoration, architectural glass decoration, enamel art, door and window curtain wall manufacturing, religious system architectural decoration. The company is located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park and has nearly 1,000 employees. The concept of the enterprise is to create an architectural art decoration culture that can talk to the times and meet the needs of modern people, and create a new realm of architectural art decoration.

Shanghai Kangyuan specializes in the creative design and production of doors, windows and curtain walls, roof systems, environmental sculptures, indoor and outdoor environmental decoration and religious system architectural environmental decoration. At present, the group owns Shanghai Kangyu Tongmen Design Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Kangyuan Classical Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. The products involve the theme decoration of copper, pure gold, enamel, Cast glass and other elements. The company has achieved more than 6000 projects. All provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, special administrative regions and countries and regions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Excellent performance and rich human resources have won an advanced position in the field of Chinese architectural decoration.

In 2008, Shanghai Kangyuan created a new brand-Shanghai Kangyuan Liuli. It is a comprehensive architectural cast glass art decoration enterprise that integrates cast glass material research and development, artistic creative design, production and installation, led by the Chinese glass master Shi Senbin. It breaks through the aesthetic taste and production methods of traditional handicrafts, and combines architectural art and environmental art to create a batch of cast glass artworks that meet the aesthetic needs of people's modern life and are even world-renowned.

In China, Kangyuan has been guiding the development of the architectural art decoration market, has strong production and manufacturing capabilities, and has obtained the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. We are committed to creating a pioneer in architectural art decoration and becoming an enterprising manufacturer and industry philosophy Pioneer. We hope that our efforts will provide satisfactory service to more customers.

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